PETER was the initial inspiration for this venture. He has a strong work ethic and is able to master tasks that may have seemed impossible at the outset. He is known to have a zest for interacting with people. Peter thrives when he is included and productive. He loves his brothers and enjoys baking, yoga, running, tennis, and texting his friends.

WILLIAM is a VERY enthusiastic young man. He is a hard worker and incredibly determined to accomplish his objectives and goals. He is a naturally encouraging and uplifting person who loves being around other people. William enjoys being on the District 203 Fire Special Olympic basketball team, playing tennis and bike riding with his parents. William loves music, food and writing, a lot.



Matt is originally from Naperville, IL but now calls Boston, MA home. As a supply chain & operations consultant for a leading professional service firm, Matt helps clients in assessing their supply chain strategy and implementing long term process and technology changes to improve performance. Matt serves as a Director for Earn with a Purpose and helps to propel the organization's execution strategy. Starting at a young age, his exposure to family members and friends with diverse abilities heightened his drive to help members in this community.


David currently attends Northwestern University where he studies Economics, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship. Previously leading the Non-profit Young Hearts for Life Junior Board, David got involved with Earn with a Purpose at its inception. He currently serves as a director at Earn with a Purpose. David has been active in the diverse abilities community for many years and hopes to continue his service.


Michael grew up in Naperville, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Economics and has a background in software engineering. Currently working at Amazon Operations. Michael spent a number of years working with Little Friends in Naperville and currently serves as a Director for Earn with a Purpose. Michael has always felt a need to help those with different abilities, which is founded in his relationships with family and friends from the community.


Marissa Karlins-Malyn

Marissa has worked in business and marketing for the last 9 years. Currently working at TIME, she runs creative operations for brand and content marketing and serves as the marketing volunteer for Earn with a Purpose. Marissa got involved with Earn with a Purpose to continue her grandmother’s legacy - who was a special education swim coach and had helped grow the Special Olympics in Chicago during the 1970s.