Return/Refund Policy

Last update 9.5.20

What is our satisfaction guarantee policy?

While we don’t accept returns, we do have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If there is an issue with the product you received please contact us.

We will not provide any refunds for a request that is received by Earn With A Purpose more than 30 days after the original shipment.

Our guarantee covers against product defects. In the event of a documented defect we will either replace the product or credit your purchase.

Our guarantee does not include replacement of such items that have been misused, carelessly handled, or mis-repaired by persons other than Earn With A Purpose.

If your package is damaged during the shipping process, please contact us and provide your order number and a photo(s) which shows the damage to our products. Based on our evaluation we may either replace your product or issue a refund.